Wild swimming for families

Limeuil has bridges at the bottom...

Wild swimming in rivers, lakes or aqua parks? It’s a tough choice.

Between Bergerac to the west of écovallée and Sarlat in the east, you can go wild swimming in warm lakes with sandy beaches, or clear rivers with pebble beaches, and even water parks with huge inflatables.

Here are a couple of ideas to – here is comes – whet your appetite.

Nearest river beach

Just 15 minutes from écovallée is the river beach at Pont de Vicq. This costs nothing to get onto, has swimming areas marked out in the water, trees shading picnic spots and ice creams available. One bonus here is that you can hire canoes and paddle off towards Limeuil, or get dropped upriver and drift back down at your own pace. The car park is a bit small, so it’s worth arriving early. For non-drivers, the train station at Le Buisson is about 20 minutes’ walk from the beach – and the journey from Lalinde is worth making for the beautiful views alone.

Closest aqua park

The “Etangs du Bos” near Le Bugue offers wild swimming with a difference – the difference being the large number of inflatables that provide endless fun for those old enough and strong enough to pull themselves out of the water. Sliding, diving and falling off into the lake (lifejackets are provided) are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. There is also a choice of swimming pools, water slides, trampolines – with and without bungees – playgrounds, games, pedalos and more. And a snack bar so you don’t need to worry about packing a picnic.

You’ll find a full list of water parks on the perigorddecouverte website.