Spectacular snail-shell solar shower

The écovallée snail-shell solar shower - clean and green.

The écovallée snail-shell solar shower – clean and green.

Having a solar shower at écovallée under a clear blue sky is a wonderfully clean, green experience.

First, it is gentle on the environment. A newly installed solar panel means there’s enough hot water for everyone on site. After making you feel fabulous, the “grey water” drains into the gravel filter downhill, where it is cleaned naturally by carefully chosen plants. The water then runs into a curving trench where it feeds several species of willow. The willow is then harvested for craft projects, or cut and replanted at the end of the season.

In the future, it will also be used to create a number of living willow structures grown-ups and children.

Designed and built with love

The snail-shell cubicle was designed by Clare and made possible by project1p – a trading experiment created by Luke Seall in 2010 (you can read all about it here). It was put together with larch from a nearby wood yard and installed following the steps you can see on this slideshow.

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