Two handcrafted 18-foot family yurts

Mustardseed - one of the two 18-foot family yurts at écovallée.

Mustardseed – one of the two 18-foot family yurts at écovallée.

Overlooking écovallée, are the two large family yurts called Mustardseed and Peaseblossom.

Both yurts sleep up to four (or five if one is in a travel cot). All the beds – one double and two singles in each yurt – have comfy mattresses, eco-friendly pillows and duvets, and smooth pine floors. Linen and towels are provided, along with an LED lantern and wind-up torch.

Naturally beautiful yurts

Peaseblossom and Mustardseed are Kyrgyz-style yurts with handcrafted coppiced chestnut frames. The steep roof, high wall and full-sized, lockable oak door make these nomadic structures a real home from home.

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning and watching the shadows of leaves playing on the canvas. Surrounded by birdsong (including the exotic Golden Oriole in spring and early summer), this really is a paradise.

Why coppiced yurts?

Coppiced – rather than straight-cut – wall and roof poles were not just chosen for their beautiful, natural lines. When the wood is harvested to make the yurts (locking in the carbon dioxide for the lifetime of the structure), new coppice grows back, helping to take even more CO2 from the environment.

Which means these yurt frames are actually carbon positive. Which helps make écovallée one of the most environmentally friendly family holidays you can take.

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