Why people are the same as trees

People are like trees

“People are like trees” explained.

Earlier in the summer, one of my lovely guests wrote this blog post about her stay in écovallée. In it, she says:

Alex… announced during one mealtime together “People are the same as trees”.

Like I said on the Facebook page, I think this needs some explaining.


I can’t remember where this idea came from – it could be another one lifted from Eckhart Tolle, or someone he was quoting – but I love it and I’ll try to do it justice:

When we go through the woods, we pass trees of every kind. Some are young and spindly. Others huge and healthy. Everywhere, there are trees bent into incredible shapes, broken by storms – even rotting back into the ground.

As a rule, we don’t judge them. We simply accept them for how they are. We could build a story around why a particular tree might be a certain way. We could look at them closely, and admire how perfect they are – just as they are. We almost never try and change them – why on earth would we do that?

Now, when we pass people on our way through life, we can treat them in exactly the same way. For exactly the same reasons.