The world’s most beautiful compost toilet

The compost toilet reflects much of what we have learnt about natural building.

The compost toilet reflects much of what we have learnt about natural building.

Alex is convinced that the “tree bog” at écovallée is the most beautiful compost toilet in the world. It is also probably one of the most family friendly.

The toilet seat has a pull-down smaller seat for young children, and there’s a low baby changing area for those who are even younger. Within arm’s reach is fresh running water from the mains, and the towel hooks are set at a height for toddlers to use.

Light is constant. By day, it pours through the clear plastic roof. By night, it is provided by a long string of solar fairy lights.

Built to last

Having used rickety compost toilets before, the écovallée tree bog was deliberately over-engineered. Strong, stripped and oiled acacia poles were used for the main uprights, with wind braces made from the few small trees that were taken down to make room for the building. Some straight-cut timber joists were bought in to make the structure reassuringly firm under foot, and water-tight overhead. But the overall effect feels perfectly natural.

Flooring is the same as in the family yurt and small yurt. Solid 23mm tongue-and-groove pine from a nearby wood yard, with a white protective coating that shows the grain and is easy to clean.

One of the greatest joys of this toilet is that, every time you use it, instead of flushing litres of perfectly good drinking water away, you are contributing to the biomass of écovallée. Making a positive contribution to the environment.

When you use it, you will agree that there should be toilets like this everywhere.

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