Activities for older kids

Guns, actors, trebuchets, stunning views - Castelnaud has it all. Image ©Laugery-Château de Castelnaud

Guns, actors, trebuchets, stunning views – Castelnaud has it all.
Image ©Laugery-Château de Castelnaud

Older children will thrive in the space and freedom of écovallée. As well as the Play Yurt and trampoline, there’s enough room here to play cricket, badminton, frisbee, softball and football – at the same time!

Beyond the woods and fields, you’ll find more to do than you could possibly fit into one family holiday.

Caves and castles

People have been living in the Dordogne and Vézère valleys for over 40,000 years. They left their marks on the walls of caves like LascauxVillars, Font-de-Gaume, Rouffignac, the Grotte du Sorcier and countless others, known and still to be found. It’s amazing to think that mammoths, bison and lions once roamed where the yurts sit today.

Sites like the Maison Forte at Reignac and La Roque St Christophe show how the Dordogne’s cave dwellers became more comfortable as the centuries passed, adding walls, carpets and windows. But as the museum of medieval warfare in Castelnaud shows, they spent most of this time fighting – against the English and between themselves.

Trees and rivers

Children of all sizes will love the tree parks (adults should not be afraid to have a go, too). Les Ecureuils and Indian Forest, near Sarlat, have runs from easy-peasy to very scary  – and new parks open every year.

Canoeing is also a great way to burn off energy. There are numerous places along the Dordogne and Vézère where you can hire a canoe and paddle away with the gentle current, or be bussed upriver to make your way back. For a full and varied day out, this can easily be combined with a visit to a chateau or garden.

Splashing and sliding

It would be hard to find a more enjoyable way to spend the afternoon than the aqua park near Le Bugue. As well as pools, water slides, trampolines and play areas for older and younger children, the lake has several huge inflatables to clamber on and jump off. Life jackets are provided and laughter guaranteed.

Other activities for older kids include go-karting, horse-riding, golf, cycling, archery and anything else you can think of. Not forgetting the fairs, fetes and festivals that take place throughout the Summer months.

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