• écovallée has evolved from holidays to healing

    snail shell solar shower
  • still with 12.5 acres of peace and tranquility

    puck from afar
  • planet-friendly facilities

  • and all the comforts of your woodland home


Think of écovallée as your retreat in southwest France. A personal paradise in which to practice yoga and meditation, explore a range of therapies like massage, reiki, and energy healing – and simply to be yourself.

You will stay in a beautiful coppiced yurt, relax in large, comfortable hammocks, and find peace in 12.5 acres of woodland and prairie. Life here is completely natural, with precious few distractions. Just across the river, the medieval market town of Lalinde offers all the conveniences of the 21st Century. And the surrounding area is achingly beautiful and rich in prehistory.

To book your place at écovallée, or reserve the whole venue to run a course for your own students, get in touch right now – the only time there ever is.

Hang out in your natural environment

Healing retreat hammock

Treat yourself every moment, every day

Treat yourself every moment, every day

Discover the Dordogne at your leisure

Discover the Dordogne at your leisure

Thoughts put into words

Are these the films mentioned on “The Retreat”?

Yoga image from The Retreat

Episode 1 of “The Retreat“, fronted by TV presenter Nick Knowles, aired last night on BBC2 and makes interesting and entertaining viewing. (Apparently, it also makes long blog posts – this one takes 3.5 minutes to read.) During this first broadcast, they mentioned some films that talk about the benefits of a

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Why people are the same as trees

People are like trees

Earlier in the summer, one of my lovely guests wrote this blog post about her stay in écovallée. In it, she says: Alex… announced during one mealtime together “People are the same as trees”. Like I said on the Facebook page, I think this needs some explaining. Alexplanation I can’t remember where this

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Can you feel your hands?

feel you hands meditation exercise

  You can increase your awareness and become more present right now, with this wonderfully simple exercise from Eckhart Tolle. Can you feel your hands? (present-moment exercise) Hold your hands away from your body, so they do not touch anything. Close your eyes. See if you can feel your hands, without looking at them or moving them. (Once you

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